Jennifer GOodlet Photography

Hi There!

Thank you for stopping by Jennifer Goodlet Photography, I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the central Florida area, but I am totally down to travel and in fact I love it! My passport can always use more stamps!

Capturing your most precious moments brings me so much joy. Having been a professional photographer for over ten years I have the experience to not only capture your love at this time in your life but to provide you with timeless family heirloom images that will be cherished by your children's children one day! Photos are intended to be printed not just on a USB drive in your desk drawer. I can remember many times in my childhood looking at the photos of my grandparents wedding and being in awe of not only the moment captured but the feelings and memories looking at them brought back to my grandmother. I want to give that feeling to your future grandchildren, not just a USB with digital images. Prints never become obsolete.

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."


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