About your Wedding with me!

About your Wedding with me!

There is more to your wedding day than just ending up with a USB of digital images. Promise! Now don't worry I totally understand and am the very first one to want to post photos of my kiddos for all the world to tell me how cute they are! But I also want you to have tangible prints of them to show off in your home and one day to show your grandchildren. Let's be honest technology moves fast, and it isn't going to slow down! Every time I turn around there is a new media technology (floppy disk, hard disk, CD, USB) popping up. I won't lie to you I am old enough to remember being excited about Oregon Trail day in the computer lab, which was ages ago, but in my lifetime alone there have been at least 5 major changes to how we store our media. But you want to know what is the same and hasn't changed? Tangible prints!

Your session or wedding day with me will not only be the best time you've ever had taking photos it will produce images that you will treasure forever! (Men: I promise I make it as painless as possible and it won't be the "ok stand here and smile!") Interaction with my clients is one of my top priorities. When I as you to do something you think is silly (don't worry I KNOW it is silly!) but trust me it makes an 'ok' photo into a WOW photo. I have spent years cultivating prompts and poses that complement each and every personality and body type. You can absolutely trust that each and every image that you will see in your gallery will 100% be you and YOUR story. From the moment you call or email me about your wedding/session, I am already envisioning each and every final photo so that I can give you the absolute best images you could have!

My goal of every shutter click is to give you a final image that instantly takes you back to that moment each and every time you see it printed in your home. Even more so for you to remember those feelings 50 years from now when you show your grandkids.

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."


The Story of a dream...

So this is going to be the cliché story of I was just a child when I decided I wanted to be a photographer... Sorry, but it's true. I have always adored taking photos, seriously for as long as I can remember. Then in high school, I was choosing electives, and bam! there it was Photography 101, and I all but shouted SIGN ME UP! For one I knew I'd love it and two I thought "easy A". Oh was I wrong... There are rules to Photography did you know that?!? Yep young, naive me thought it was just pushing a button, mind you this was back before digital cameras were mainstream. But I did it, I learned all the rules and you want to know why? So I could break them! But I firmly believe what my High School teacher said when she told us "You can not break the rules and make art unless you know what they are first!" So here I am (I'm not telling you how many!) years later still being a little rebel! :)

I am not your typical photographer, I want to be involved in helping you choose your outfits, referring you to rocking vendors, and knowing exactly what you envision for your wedding day or session. I am a details gal, like seriously give me alllllll the details! Tell me all about the necklace that was your great grandmothers' that she was given on her 15th birthday and she wants YOU to wear it for your wedding (see told you I love me some grandmas, read my bio if you don't know what I am talking about!), I want you to tell me all about how you overcame a life-changing event together and came out stronger on the other side, the thing that makes your relationship YOURS! That is what my dream is all about, capturing all those little details that make YOUR story and YOUR family unique to have forever!

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