Publix. Where meeting your forever love is a pleasure!

Ok So you all know the story, Boy meets Girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after! Say it with me now, AWWW!!

But this story is a little different... it includes the oh so delicious chicken tenders we all love and who could ever forget the famous #pubsub. While I adore BOTH of those the main stars of this story are Alexandra and Dylan! Like most Kids growing up in Polk County they worked at Publix, because I mean come on did I mention PubSub?!

Guys when Alex and I first chatted on the phone it was two and a half hours later that we finally hung-up. We both agreed we are basically cousins now at minimum! So when we met for their engagement session it was like meeting up with an old friend. As I was waiting for their session to start a thunder storm cell popped up directly over where we were planning to shoot. Alex and Dylan pull up to a torrential downpour, so I said "let's go get some dinner and see if we can wait this storm out! On the way to the restaurant it was absolutely pouring, all I could think was it's going to be flooded we aren't going to be able to shoot.... So I was quickly running through back up plans in my mind. What was I going to do to save this, it was raining too much for my normal backup areas. Then it dawned on me. PUBLIX! They met there, fell in love there, and still work there and I worked there once upon a time too! So I told them Hey I have a crazy idea and ran though it as quickly as possible and proceeded to wait for them to tell me I was crazy. But they didn't they were game right away! I think we scared Dylan a little bit (Sorry dude!) with how excited we were but he quickly jumped on our crazy train and off to Publix we went!

These two were up for anything (that was manager approved, follow the rules ya'll!!!) From stealing kisses in the floral department, snuggling up in the produce aisle, and "fighting" over which chips are better we did it all!

I don't think we can have anymore fun than we did at Publix but we sure are going to try in their wedding in January!

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