Marshall Hampton Reserve

Address: 3115 Thornhill Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Nestled on the north east edge of Lake Hancock, just across the lake from Circle B Bar Reserve lies Marshall Hampton Reserve. The Reserve has a interesting blend of oak hammock areas canopying over mesic flatwoods, hardwood forest wetlands and a 60 acre pond. The site that is just over 1,100 acres is mostly dominated by live oaks, slash pine, sweet gum, and palmettos. The two loop trails provide very different views of the property.

The Marshall Hampton Reserve (1,173 acres) was acquired by the Southwest Florida Water Management District in 2008. The Polk County Environmental Lands Program entered a management agreement with the Southwest Florida Water Management District in 2010 to oversee the management of the property. The acquisition and long-term management of this property meets the goals of both programs. The acquisition of this property also protected a significant amount of shoreline and floodplain swamp on the edge of Lake Hancock. Lake Hancock is often referred to as the headwaters of the Peace River.

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