Let's start with the basics!

So it may sound simple but the most important thing about getting the wedding photos of your dreams is to find a photographer who has a style that matches the photos that make your heart sing. Find someone who you can connect with that truly cares about you and your special day, not just who sees you as a dollar sign.

Having been a wedding photographer for over 10 years I will be the first to tell you that it never goes 100% as planned, it's unavoidable, but it is manageable. I have perfected the art of capturing the emotions of the day without taking all your time up so you can get to the party!

Now on to the tips!

How to get that exquisite, radiant, brilliant light!

You know that beautiful golden light that makes photos feel all romantic and give you the warm fuzzy feelings? That is because they are taken right around sunset! So definitely plan your day around when the sun is setting, about an hour and a half before sunset is the ideal ceremony start time so that when we get to the bridal party and intimate shots of just the two of you it has that yummy, ethereal glow!

The best part of shooting during golden hour is that soft glorious light always give you the most STUNNING images! It is flattering for everyone and avoids that harsh shadow look if you shoot midday that doesn't flatter at all.

Communications is KEY!

Your wedding day with me will not only be the best time you've ever had taking photos it will produce images that you will treasure forever! I have spent years cultivating prompts and poses that complement each and every personality and body type. You can absolutely trust that each and every image that you will see in your gallery will 100% be you and YOUR story. BUT I am not a mind reader (How cool would that be though!?) I am a details gal, like seriously give me alllllll the details! Tell me all about the necklace that was your great grandmothers that she was given on her 15th birthday and she wants YOU to wear it for your wedding, I want you to tell me all about how you two are positively addicted to gourmet hamburgers, or how more often that not I could find you two hiking a fun trail on the weekend. I want to know everything about you and your fiance so that on your wedding day is more like a friend joining you on the biggest day of your life not just another vendor showing up to do a job and go home. That is what my dream is all about, capturing all those little details that make YOUR story and YOUR family unique to have forever! My goal is to give you a final image that instantly takes you back to that moment each and every time you see it printed in your home. Even more so for you to remember those feelings 50 years from now when you show your grand kids.

A first look can make your day!

While it goes against most traditions, a first look can give you the images you are dreaming of! Taking the time for a first look can not only give you more time after your ceremony and get you to your reception faster so you have more time with your friends and family to enjoy with them! It also lets you two have a more intimate revel of your wedding day finery. Having a private moment amidst the chaos of the day that is just for the two of you where I can capture your true reactions to each other in one image that you can cherish for a lifetime!

Many of my couples have said that it was their favorite time of the whole day, where they can stand with each other for a few moments and just breathe together, to truly connect and see into each others eyes before they take the steps down the aisle to forever.

Book an ENGAGEMENT session

Engagement sessions are more that just having photos to document this time as you plan and prepare for your wedding day. It helps develop your comfort in front of the camera, builds trust in your photographer, and makes you a pro when your wedding day arrives.

Your wedding day will be organized chaos and have everyone running is every direction you will want someone by your side that you know, first hand, that they can handle it! You will want to know that they are not only accommodating of your needs and wants but can also capture everything while doing what you need day of!

It's been fun!

I hope this quick run down of how to get the wedding photos you really want was helpful! If you want to chat more about your wedding day or need anymore tips message me here and I will do everything I can to help!