How to get adorable photos with Santa without putting your kids’ health at risk going to the mall!

Hey I’m Jennifer Goodlet and I’ve photographed hundreds (maybe thousands 🤔)of families for Christmas over the years.

Sitting on Santa’s lap isn’t an option this year (2020 you suck!) so I’m switching it up.

This year is different but Santa pictures are still possible without ever leaving the house.

🎄 And you can skip all the tears 😭

They are customized with your own images (if professional images you must provide me permission from the photographer, in writing, for me to use!) and added to my Santa photos!

There are 5 options (see above!) to choose from each with a different whimsy of the holiday spirit!

Each image is $25 and must be paid via Paypal prior to editing!

Fill out the contact form below and I will email you ASAP!!