About Me

Hi there! I'm Jennifer! I have three kids so my life revolves around laundry and keeping everyone happy, well trying to anyway! I have a Starbucks addiction that keeps me firmly in the gold card status! I am slowly learning to appreciate all the little quirks that make me....well me! I adore the quote from Meryl Streep that says “What makes you different or weird-- That’s your strength! So I guess you are going to hear a lot of horrible “dad” jokes, #sorrynotsorry. Also if you need a meme I’m your girl! I collect them like they are going out of style….

To be completely honest I have this really “bad” (not really, it’s totally cool!) habit of becoming friends with my clients. Which is AWESOME because can I just tell you, they are THE BEST!!! I have been a professional photographer for over 13 years and I can honestly say it has been amazing. I am still the person that will smile all goofy when you walk back down the aisle as a married couple for the first time. Make sure you don’t watch me during the first dances while I have tears running down my face (I’ll totally be fine, promise!) and if your Grandma is coming make sure you warn her because she and I will be best friends by the end of the day and I’ll totally want her to adopt me. (Grandmas are the best ever!!!)

So if you think you can handle me and all my tears, silly jokes, and penchant for collecting grandmas, let’s chat! I love new friends, old friends are cool too! (Nobody get mad mmmmkay!?)

Oh..Oh.. one more thing see those cute kids down there... Yep, I made them - adorable huh?!? OHHH, if you talk to me on the phone one of them will inevitably scream at a sibling at some point so, sorry in advance!

Jackson (5), Emalyn (8), & Caiden (6)

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